Meeting Minutes from InspireSeattle Social on February 7, 2015

Fighting Hunger Throughout Puget Sound

With our high-tech boom, Starbucks on most corners, Boeing producing airplanes at record rates and million dollar homes being common, to outsiders the greater Puget Sound region may seem like a garden spot. Yet for many in our region, just meeting basic needs is a daily challenge. Fighting hunger remains a critical issue in our community. As with fighting homelessness, ending hunger requires continuous, extensive efforts, using many different approaches. Success entails awareness and involvement of our entire community.

After defining the landscape of hunger issues within our region, our panel will discuss many of the important tactics and methods being used to fight hunger, reduce waste and work for social justice throughout Puget Sound. The panel will include Joe Gruber, Director of theUniversity Food Bank, public policy analyst and food security expert Claire Lane, and Food Lifeline’s Director of Food Resources, Amythst Shipman.

Guest Speakers:

Joe Gruber:

Joe Gruber is the Executive Director of the University District Food Bank. Joe was hired as Director of the University District Food Bank in June 2003 after serving three years on the Board of Directors. Before joining the food bank, Joe worked in a variety of for-profit and nonprofit business consulting roles in both the United States and Eastern Europe. Currently, Joe is active in several local and statewide human service coalitions, including the Seattle Food Committee, Seattle Human Services Coalition, and Washington Food Coalition. He also serves on boards for the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance and University Child Development School. As a member of Leadership Tomorrow’s Curriculum Committee, Joe helped to educate hundreds of Puget Sound community leaders on the challenges and efforts required to help less fortunate residents meet their basic needs.

Claire Lane:

Clair Lane currently runs a consultancy that provides public policy analysis, program development and lobbying skills, focusing on state and federal anti-hunger, food systems and anti-poverty issues. Claire works with community-based organizations, media and related partners to make a positive difference in hunger and poverty in Washington State. Previously Claire has works as a Food Security Program Manager and Childhood Hunger Project Manager.

Amythyst Shipman:

Amythyst (Amy) Shipman is Director of Food Resources at Food Lifeline. Amy joined Food Lifeline’s Food Resources Department in January 2009. After focusing on retail recovery program development, implementation and evaluation for 5+ years she now provides oversight to Food Lifeline’s donated, purchase and government commodity programs. She brings with her over 10 years of experience in the food industry which gave her a solid understanding of food safety regulations and application. In addition, Amy graduated from The Evergreen State College with a focus in Food System Security/ Sustainability and Waste in America. Amy enjoys working with the generous network of stakeholders committed to feeding hungry people.

Many thanks to our speakers,  Dave Gamrath for organizing this event and moderating the panel discussion, and Carrie Bogner for hosting!


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