Meeting Minutes from InspireSeattle Social on April 27, 2013

The Port of Seattle – What might be its future in light of current conditions?


Below are just a few of the many questions concerning our port:

What is the Port’s strategy in the face of a likely new basketball stadium in SODO? There are strong economic arguments against locating the stadium in SODO, however, it may be a foregone conclusion. What are the consequences of this location for the Port and related businesses? What actions are being taken to mitigate these?

Could SODO development result in Seattle gaining white collar employment and upscale residences while Tacoma gains blue collar employment? If so, have stadium proponents recognized this?

Is it possible that the Port of Seattle could become a “minor league seaport” in the Pacific Northwest (in light of competition from other US and Canadian ports)?

What are we doing to partner with the Port of Tacoma to build the Northwest as the best place on the West Coast to ship products? Would it make sense to consolidate ports into Tacoma?

What is being done to make the Port of Seattle more resilient in the face of climate change?

Regarding Sea Tac Airport, what is being done to build the infrastructure needed to allow the use of sustainable biofuels on a regular basis in commercial aircraft? 


Guest Speakers:  

John Creighton, Seattle Port Commissioner

John Creighton was first elected to the Port Commission in 2005, and re-elected in 2009. He came to the Commission with broad experience as a lawyer who worked on complex international transactions in the port cities of Singapore, Helsinki and Istanbul prior to returning home to Seattle. Commissioner Creighton was selected by his colleagues to serve two consecutive years as Commission President in 2007-2008. More recently, he has served for the last two years as co-chair of the Commission’s Century Agenda committee. The Century Agenda committee has led the development of the Port’s 25-year plan, which includes the goal of doubling the economic value of the cruise industry to Washington State in the next 25 years.

Commissioner Creighton advocates increasing the Port's role as a creator of family-wage jobs in the region and investing in infrastructure that will bolster our economic vitality. During his tenure, he has been a strong advocate of environmental protection and increased cooperation among ports. He also has supported a strong social responsibility ethic at the Port, and has worked to build stronger ties with all of the communities in which the Port operates.



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Speaker: John Creighton Host: Candy Sullivan

Emcee: Dave Gamrath




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