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Sustainable Biofuels

The vast majority of scientists around the world have come to a common conclusion:  climate change is real and human activity is a primary cause.  Even though the evidence is overwhelming and the potential impact on our planet and our lives is devastating, many in America deny the problem and the risk of not changing our ways.  For this, key necessary major changes in American policies and in the behavior of Corporate America have been frightfully slow at best.

Our local Seattle industrial giant, Boeing, has been working hard to help solve the impact of aviation on climate change.  Boeing Commercial Airplanes has been leading efforts worldwide to develop solutions to this critical problem.  Key in Boeing s work is helping to develop the necessary full-infrastructure to allow aircraft to fly on sustainable biofuels.  Advancements include not only the certification of new aviation biofuels, but also ensuring that the best feedstocks are developed for each unique geographic region around the world.  At the core of Boeing s efforts is ensuring that these new fuels, as well as the process of growing, harvesting, transporting and refining them, are fully sustainable, as verified by certified and accredited environmental non-profits.

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This talk is an example of how a mainstream Corporate American company has taken the issue of climate change both seriously and personally, and is working to solve the problem in a realistic, yet challenging way.  Skeptical?  Can t believe it?  Well then don t miss out on this very important discussion!

Our speaker from the Boeing Biofuels Strategy team will share real-world insights into developing a sustainable aviation fuel supply, and provide an overview of industry efforts and research into the technical, socio-economic and sustainability aspects of biofuel development, as well as the path to approval for use in commercial jetliners.  If Boeing can tackle their piece of the climate change problem, clearly other parts of American industry, as well as industry worldwide, can too.


Guest Speaker: 

Darrin Morgan is the Director of Sustainable Biofuels Strategy, where he leads strategy development and execution for Boeing Commercial Airplanes' Sustainable Aviation Fuels Program.  He is a co-founder of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, whose members account for more than 20 percent of global jet fuel demand and whose goal is to diversify aviation's fuel supply and reduce carbon emissions. Morgan has also served as co-chairman of the world's first global algae-for-energy trade association, the Algal Biomass Organization and on the National Academies of Science Transportation Review Board Panel on alternative fuels integration.


Speaker: Darrin Morgan

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