InspireSeattle Event: February 19, 2017


InspireSeattle Event on February 19, 2016

Community in Action Against Trump


Seattle City Council Member Lisa Herbold joined us to enlighten us about actions the City is involved with in regards to protecting us from Trump and his dangerous inner circle.

We took this occasion to write postcards to our leaders:  Federal, State and/or Local level leaders.

Writing materials (postcards, stamps, pens, addresses, issues, etc.) were provided, as well as light refreshments and good company.

Easels were provided to share your concerns and fears with others.

Local action and building community:  this is how we will fight back and make lemonade out of this lemon.

Also, we updated our tool to help everyone stay politically active to include inputs from the 55 who attended the forum.  Thanks to all, and especially to Councilmember Lisa Herbold for the extensive debrief on what the city is doing in regards to Trump actions.  In the links below you will find info that:

.  Track dangerous Trump actions

Contact info for our representatives

.  Ideas for continued action

.  Easy info sources

U.S. Senate info in case you want to contact a senator from a different state


A former political staff member told us that when you contact a representative a phone call counts 10 times an email, and a hand-written letter counts 100 times an email.  Itís worth the effort!!


Thanks to all, InspireSeattle

Many thanks to Lisa Herbold (left) for speaking and Dave Gamrath (right) for facilitating and hosting this event

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